About - Chalice Mead
About - Chalice Mead
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 Like many other ventures Chalice Mead was founded on a dream, a desire to reconnect with nature and to promote our ancient mead heritage, bringing it fully into the modern age and, at the same time supporting our bee populations in the UK and beyond.

Mike Wagstaff the founder of Chalice Mead had this ‘dream’ – after being given a bottle of Mead and realising how lovely it tasted he could possibly turn this ‘dream’ into a reality and start a new business venture where you could infuse the Mead with many different ingredients therefore adding a modern twist to an old drink.


Mead is known to be the oldest alcoholic drink in the United Kingdom but it also is believed to be the ‘oldest alcoholic drink in the world’, as it was found in the ancient Pyramids in Egypt. Chalice Mead was born blended with natural infusions and using the perfect balance of traditional and modern techniques, each bottle is filled from the heart.


After many attempts with a variety of ingredients (some becoming very popular and others surprisingly not so) the first 5 flavours were ‘born’ – Nettle; Chocolate; Chilli; Chilli Sting as well as the base for all the Meads being the Traditional Mead.


Throughout the first year it was evident that people really enjoyed our Mead and Mike continued to experiment with other infusions and he introduced Elderflower; Hawthorn; Ginger; Caramel; and Orange.

Supplying Retail and Trade for personal treats; unique gifts; Banquets and Hospitality events, Chalice Mead has a growing reputation for supplying truly gorgeous mead. Our bottles have been carefully selected and our unique bee design has made our product extremely original and in great demand.


Our aim is two-fold, firstly, we are working hard to ensure that high quality mead reaches a wider audience, and secondly raising awareness of the vital role of bees play in food production.


Mike owns his own 3 acre woodland situated just outside a beautiful South Downs village and part of this woodland has been left to flourish naturally to encourage the bees to pollenate the wild flowers as they grow and thrive in this small corner of paradise. He has also give talks to a number of groups about Mead and the importance of encouraging bees and was able to donate money from sales as promised to a charity of ‘Give Bees a Chance’ this year. This is something Mike is passionate about and is determined that annual donations will be given each year from the success of Chalice Mead.


This year Mike has just launched two new flavours Blackberry Mead and Rhubarb Mead – they have quickly become very popular and we are very excited to get these out to our stockists and customers.

Delicious Ways To Use Mead


Browse our range of Meads. Each perfectly blended to create a delicious and unique taste.


If you have any questions, or would like to become a stockist, please get in touch.

What Our Customers Say

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